Dance Supplies

For local Professional Dance Shoes:
Skater's Choice - Barrie 
Spirals               - Barrie 
Tabitha's           - Bracebridge

I do not require professional dance shoes for my 'community' classes, however  I do ask the women not to wear sandals, runners, opened toe or shoes without a back.  We require stability without the shoes being cumbersome.

I do ask the men to wear their dress shoes.

For 'Ladies Latin' I now wear classic in expensive lightweight canvas shoes which provide support while still allowing for pivot turns.No runners please unless you have foot issues then by all means wear what is comfortable for you,  this is about having fun not being in pain.

The ladies in my 3rd & 4th level Ballroom classes have chosen to purchase 'character' shoes for their sturdy 'cuban' heels and are very happy with them. Some ladies who take Ballroom and 'Ladies Latin' wear their character shoes in both but it is not mandatory,

I alternate between my character shoes and my low heel ballroom shoes with 'quick release' buckles an excellent feature!