Friday, March 13, 2015

The Cross-Body Lead!

I love the Cross-Body Lead because it helps to develop the man's 'Upper Body' lead and technique while providing another opportunity to display his partner's beautiful abilities and show her off.

The Cross-Body Lead in Ballroom and Latin Dancing is a way for the man to change direction usually while both partners are doing a basic step.  The Cross-Body Lead or CB Lead is accomplished by the man's firm upper body movement while he is doing a left turning step.

At these beginner levels all the MAN'S CBL's are performed in Closed Position in a quarter Left turn but there are many variations as you move up the levels.

NOTE:  The woman's basic step DOES NOT CHANGE she just FOLLOWS the LEAD as she is moved FORWARD to change location. 

These are the 5 CBL's I am teaching now to my Levels 3 & 4.

Rumba CBL:
Man:         Left Turning Box Basic
Woman:    Side Close Steps change to Forward Steps

Waltz CBL:
Man:         Left Turning Box Basic (Alternate: With Forward Hesitation)
Woman:    Side Close Steps change to Forward Steps

FoxTrot CBL:
Man:        1/4 Turn  Basic
Woman:   Side Close Steps change to Forward Steps

Mambo/Salsa CBL:
Man:        Left Turning Basic
Woman:   Side Step changes to Forward Step

Cha Cha CBL         

Man:        Left Turning Basic
Woman:   Side Triple Step changes to Forward Triple Step (Chasse) 

After the Man performs a left turning basic while 'leading' the woman to Cross his Body he leads from his Upper Body to move her back into a Closed 'Facing' Position and the Basic Step continues without interruption facing the other direction.