Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Allowing A Man To Lead Can Be Empowering For A Woman

I am not talking about women who have given their power over to their man/partner as that pendulum has swung way too far away from centre for both.  I am talking about women whose assertion levels have swung too far the other way, taking the lead too often and dis-empowering the man resulting in two people who are not being themselves and are not getting to that point where they are blissfully dancing as one.

This issue pops up in all beginner levels as this is where it naturally plays out.  The key is for women to exercise great patience while allowing the man to take the lead as he requires time to think ahead as to the next step or direction to take. He then has to make his move while leading his partner, through his upper body, while at the same time still learning how to do the steps .  The sooner the woman can 'relax and allow' the faster he can Lead & Dance. There comes a point soon after where the lead is shared exactly how and when it was meant to be.  This is the only way to get to that blissful feeling of harmonious unity when you are dancing as one.

"Thank you for teaching me that allowing a man to lead can be so empowering for a woman"...Tracy