Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Hire A Social Media Virtual Assistant?

I am no longer providing Virtual Assistant Services as I had to get off the chair and away from the screen choosing instead to increase my long running Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes.  I still believe it is a very important service especially for small businesses, if only you can manage to get your 'Clients' to 'Follow your Lead'!

Both small and large business owners are perplexed when it comes to Social Media Marketing, blogging, branding and creating an Online Presence. 

It is understandable because the speed that Social Media and these new marketing platforms are being created is keeping everyone in a constant game of catch up.  Speed is the operative word here when it comes to Social Media as we are in fast times and the faster we can get new information online and develop relationships with our potential customers the faster our business moves forward. 

Back before there was Social Media I was in Music and Film promotion. There was a simple format to promote your event through Press Releases, Press Kits, Interviews and Cross Promotion with complimentary groups, organizations and businesses. Either you acquired some major Print, Radio and TV coverage or you didn't, it all came down to the competition.  These days your competition could very well be global when services like holistic or medical consultations, are using webcams and Skype.

Today the numbers for users on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, and countless other platforms are astounding and with every application comes another LEARNING CURVE.  For those who tend to get frustrated learning anything new technically, especially if you cannot immediately see the benefit, Social Media Marketing can be daunting.  This is where OUTSOURCING YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE to a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can not only keep you in the game, stress free, but the cost is far more efficient then paying a full time employee or spending your valuable time.  Setting up and creating your Online Presence on multiple platforms also includes linking them all reciprocally and maintaining regular updates.

During an initial consultation I will discover your:
  • Desired outcome & Brand
  • Target audience/groups
  • Budget
  • Preferred social media platforms
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