Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fall Ballroom & 'Ladies Latin' Dance Class Schedule

Fall Class Update: 

NOTE:  Georgian College class start date is now Sept 26

GEORGIAN COLLEGE - Orillia   8 WEEKS  FRIDAYS    SEPT 26 - NOV 21   (no class Oct 10)

Ballroom Level 1 & 2       6 - 7 pm

Ballroom Level 3             7 - 8 pm

CONTACT :  Tammy Burke-Marson  705-325-7540  



  Ladies Latin                      6:30 - 7:30 pm
  Ballroom Level 1 & 2        7:30 - 8:30 pm
  Ballroom Level 3               8:00 - 9:00 pm





Ballroom Levels  1 & 2        6 - 7 pm   
(Level 3 class is canceled) 

CONTACT:  Cathy MacDonald 325-3091 



 Ballroom Levels  1 & 2      6:00 - 7:00 pm
 Ladies Latin Dance           7:00 - 8:00 pm

 Ballroom Level 3               8:00 - 9:00 pm

CONTACT:  Judy 687-6774 ext 22 


Thursday, July 31, 2014

'Not' Saying Goodbye to a Beautiful Dancing Spirit

Andrea & Trevor Dancing in Washago

I received an email from one of my Ramara Centre  dance students who informed me that the reason they had not been back to classes was because her beautiful man was dying.  She called me because they and I had such wonderful memories of laughing so hard and the joy on his face when he danced was infectious!  He had gone through colon cancer, recovered from that then liver with chemo... the usual insidious assault on the body so many of us have had to endure.

Trevor had recovered enough to come to the Fall class, I didn't know that it had spread to his spine which is why he had to sit down a lot but he wanted to swing with me and we let it rip! His face lit up so brightly when he danced I can see him now as our 'spirits' danced in total joy!

I phoned Andrea and immediately went into my 'afterlife' conclusions and sent her the video I made of my son's testimonial of his NDE where he died and came back and the joy he felt on the other side to give her something to assist her in the courageous journey she was on.   I then discovered the doctors that are now coming  forward with their stories of people upset with them when they have been brought back because they were so happy and free of their broken and diseased vessels.

Andrea asked me to come and visit him in the little hospital room she set up in their home to see if I could help him as she knew he was fearing his death.  He was so happy to see me and he started talking about his last class, and those of you who were in that class with him may remember it. He especially rememberd the other young couple as they were all laughing together at their attempts to get past their awkwardness.  I took the opportunity to drop some seeds on the subject of 'transition' and told him of all the studies I had done with a circle of Cherokee Medicine people and Tibetan Buddhists and how we all used to 'know' that we are all-knowing eternal beings of light and energy and why the natives would go off to die alone.  Studies have shown that most people wait 'to go' until their friends and families have left as it is hard to leave with such a strong attachment in their presence.

Last Wednesday he started blood transfusions at Soldiers Memorial's outpatient clinic and Andrea asked if I could visit him there as it was 6 hours and she had to work and had the kids.  I jumped at the chance and again expressed to her what an honor it was for me to be invited to share in this very personal experience and would do whatever I could to help alleviate his fears.  I stayed with him for about an hour and in between his nodding off I had him laughing a little as I told him this is when I usually get 'called in' because he is a 'captive' audience and can't get away! He then remembered his sister being visited by their father after he passed and I could feel that he was 'lightening' up and 'getting it'.  He was starting to sleep more so I said I would leave and gave me the strongest hug he could.

He passed away on Tuesday and true to human form he 'transitioned' 5 minutes after his family left the room.  Andrea and I  had both lost the photos of them from when I had my dances at the Washago Community Centre but one of my dancers still had them and sent them to me last night.  I am sharing all this because the pure joy some of my students have experienced when dancing regardless of the condition of their 'vessel' stays with them.  The experience of sharing this joy with his partner's 'dancing' spirit' provided a happy place for Trevor and Andrea to go back to in their time of need.  I will always be grateful and in awe of Andrea's and all the partners who have gathered their courage and strength to assist their loved ones to transition as it is one of the most important things we can do as 'human beings'.

There are two viewings today at Carson Funeral Home I will be at the 7pm one.  The funeral will be in the L. Doolittle chapel tomorrow at 1pm if anyone is interested in joining me or just lending some support to Andrea and her two beautiful children.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Reset The Net' gets US to Cut NSA Funding

June 23 Update:  Last week FB announced they will be using our browsing info OUTSIDE of FB to serve ads even if you do not have an account! Opt out via

Dear Fight for the Future member,

You did it! Late last night -- after they were bombarded by calls from FFTF members and many others -- the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to cut funding for some of the NSA’s most nefarious backdoor spying programs.

There’s no question about it. The tides are turning. We didn’t just win this vote, we won it by a landslide. 293-123.

Our movement is showing it’s power, and organized Internet users are once again proving to be a more formidable force than the U.S. government (or any of the pundits) expected.

We still have a long way to go. No matter what happens in Congress, we will need to continue our Reset the Net effort to secure the web through technology. As we know all too well, governments often bend and break the rules they set for themselves, and so far the reforms on the table in Congress don’t do nearly enough to protect the rights of people outside the U.S.

But one thing is certain: we are gaining ground, and the NSA is losing it. We’re beating them back with technology, pushing politicians to cut their funding, and dragging their secretive programs out into the sunlight for all to see.

This vote in congress didn't happen by magic. So many of us have spoken out in the last year and made it clear in no uncertain terms that mass surveillance is not okay. Our movement has become too big for Congress to ignore. We forced them to go on record supporting change.

We still have much work to do, but today is a day worth celebrating! More soon.

-Tiffiniy, Holmes, and Evan
Fight for the Future

P.S. Fight for the Future helped lead the charge to ensure that these Amendments passed, and we’ll be there tomorrow and the next day to move this fight forward. Will you support our work with a donation of whatever you can afford? Our small te am will make every penny count.